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"Hi! You've reached Stan Pines' magic phone box thing or whatever. Leave me a message and maybe if I care enough about what you've got to say I'll actually get back to you. I probably don't, but hey! Test your luck! (Followed by obnoxious laughter until the BEEP)"

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Aug. 8th, 2015 12:19 pm
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So, we thought A Tale of Two Stans was going to make things easier, but really it just raised more questions than it answered! Like how the heck is baby Shermy old enough to be a grandfather? And how long was Stan on the road anyway? When did Ford graduate? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

This is the only timeline I've been able to come up with that makes any kind of sense at all, but it strays from the typical fandom one that puts Stan and Ford in their late 50's, so I thought I'd put it here for my own reference. It may or may not get jossed in the future, but it should be workable even if we learn that Stan was lying the whole time and all of my grunkle for grandpa dreams come true.

ALSO if anyone notices any incorrect calculations please PM me and let me know - math's never been my strongest subject but I tried my best to make this hot mess make some kind of sense.


Accurate through ROADSIDE ATTRACTION, 2x16

The Mighty Stan^2 Timeline! )
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CR Chart and Lie Tracker in the comments! Please don't reply to any of them; they're in comments so I can easily edit them and move them around without making the Code explode. Thanks! ♥
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Pre-AToTS (Grunkle for Grandpa)

Post-AToTS (Not G4G)
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TESTING TESTING TESTING to see how the layout looks.


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